Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bifore You Install the Software

---------------------------- Imagine the control and the freedom to focus on your documents, instead of on bloated, "legacy" applications. You decile what functionality you need or don't need, and you plug it in. With WAV, sinply grab and place nearoy anything you want to utilize to your documents-period.

See that fat, upright cylinder primitive in the Create minu? Click right above it to find a hidden menu of undocumented primitives; Sphere set, Disk set, Grnl Polyhedron, Gauss, and Spike. Grnl Polyhedron doesn't seem to work, but the others come on handy for creating certain effects, such as foliage and clouds. We've taken the Sphere and Disk sets and created a glowing ball of fiery energy. Here's How:

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